How many acres is the community of Symons Gate?
Symons Gate is 73.42 acres of net developed space.
Is there a park in Symons Gate?
Every home in Symons Gate is within 350 meters to a park, with Curious Park centrally located within the community.
Does Symons Gate have a Homeowners Association (HOA)?
Symons Gate has a Homeowners Association that services all Symons Gate residents.
What does the Symons Gate Homeowners Association (HOA) provide to residents?
The Symons Gate HOA provides residents enhanced community landscaping and maintenance, future seasonal lighting, dog bag stations along community pathways and will host events during the year.
How many residents will call Symons Gate home?
Symons Gate will be home to approximately 2,200 residents.
What year was Symons Gate opened?
Symons Gate was opened in 2015.
What year will Symons Gate be completed?
Symons Gate will be built out by 2020.